Regimental Commanding Officers list:

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Regimental Commanding Officers list:

Post by Spectre on Sat Feb 11, 2017 8:19 pm

2nd Airborne Company: N/A

7th Airborne Company: N/A

41st: Tom

45th N/A

91st: N/A

104th: N/A

187th: N/A

212th: N/A

327th: N/A

501st: N/A

Advanced Reconnaissance Commandos:
General: Spectre
Commander: Aces

Assault Reconnaissance Force: N/A

Clone Commandos: N/A

Coruscant Guard: N/A

Degenerate Squad: N/A

(RC) Delta Squad: N/A

(RC) Eclipse Squad: N/A

(ARC) Epsilon Squad: Spectre

(ARF) Foxtrot Squad: N/A

Galactic Marines: N/A

Republic Commandos: N/A

Shadow Troopers: N/A

(ARC) Theta Squad: Aces

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