CC 8515 Spectre

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CC 8515 Spectre

Post by Spectre on Thu Feb 16, 2017 2:27 pm

------Venator Class "Courage" Database--------

------------------8515 Selected------------------

ID Designation: CC-8515, ARC.
Rank as of current: GEN.
Previous ranks obtained: BGEN-PVT.
Species: Human (Clone)
Sex: Male
Height: 6'2" in standard Galactic Measurement System
Weight: 195lbs, 210 with armor
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Force Sensitivity Status: No.

---------------Additional Information---------------

CC 8515, otherwise known as Spectre, is a clone soldier in the Grand Army of the Republic, created on Kamino in 32 bby and deployed in 22 bby during the battle of Christophsis as a 501st trooper. After the battle the then CT-8515 and a company of 501st troops were assigned a venator class ship to live on, the Courage. After countless small battles and some major deployments CT-8515 rose to the rank of Major before being reassigned from the 501st to the ARC program, after a brief stay on Kamino for training he was released back onto the Courage with the new rank of general. His time on Kamino also gave him a name of his own, Spectre, given to him after his like of using alternate routes and stealthier kills over going with the main group.

After multiple deployments as an ARC trooper Spectre realised that multiple clones on board the Courage were showing potential, ARC potential, and as such quickly assembled them into a team of ARC troopers known as Epsilon Squad, tasked with sneaking behind enemy lines and destroying key assets holding the the front allowing the bulk of the troops to push in. During a raid on a CIs droid manufacturing plant Spectre was separated from epsilon squad and was forced to fight his way out of the factory alone and escape on a captured Delta-7.

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